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Ah, there he is, that Motherfucker by HoneyToast123
Ah, there he is, that Motherfucker
in honor of the long awaited season 2 of Durarara!! i decided to whip something up in the inspired style of Fancymaquis (because I love them so)
HAIRCUT by HoneyToast123
okay, so yesterday, I went out and got all my hair chopped off. its really comfortable and fluffy and easy to manage. but as some of you may know, when a girl cuts her hair, she better watch out because she may now be a lesbian.
but thats not the point the point is that SOME PEOPLE dont know how to reply to these situations and instead of replying with "looks good!" or "nice!" or something like that they reply with the above.
like honestly, i dont fucking care. dont try and make me feel bad about something that i cant undo. 
i love my hair more than your opinion
Kaito by HoneyToast123
I would like to give these sketches nicer names but they really aren't worth something that great.
I remembered how much I loved Kaito's character design and how innocent he looks (must be the shade of blue) so I took it upon myself to draw him as best as I could.
"But his earpiece! It's on the wrong side!" Chill! I accidentally forgot I inverted the canvas when I was drawing! Eventually I noticed before it was too late! So what can you do.
also bobby pins vuv
Haru-chan by HoneyToast123
In a hurry to finish the laundry maybe? Whatever, but I found a nice slab of pose references and a nice shirt on my instagram and I really like haru so I fused them into one sketch. Nice, right?


the names Aimee but 'lazy trash' works just as well
i draw things and 99% its anime fanart im sorry but im weeaboo garbage
im 15 with a side of a bad fashion and australian/scottish heritage
if i were to ever lose my sketchbook to the hands of a non believer, one that would look through it without my holy permission, my face would retract so far you wouldnt be able to count the amount of double chins i would produce

i am usually always open for requests and collabs as i do have way too much time on my hands regardless of the monsturous amount of homwork i have to do all the time which i ignore faithfully

so i hope you enjoy my arts and things and my face would look prettier if you would leave a comment or something to announce that you acknowledge my scribbly rubbish
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: My own hands slamming rhythmically on the table
  • Reading: Fanfiction most likely
  • Watching: Anime what did u expect
  • Playing: Osu!
  • Eating: Nachos hip hip hooray
  • Drinking: Milk, like always
Maybe because my life is boring and I am but not even a speck of dust thriving minimally in the vast universe with so many places to explore and yet my very existence has been sealed inside my own room where I dwell on the internet joking about my lack of accomplishments and the life is meaningless and there is no reason for me to do anything other than lie in bed among my great existential crisis forcing me to ponder and question the reasons for me to release myself from my soft prison and leave the comfort of my room to make myself a good bowl of nachos but I have never gone beyond that thought and in the end my only happiness can be found by internally laughing at memes put on the internet by people possibly older than myself in hopes that they will be famous for the wrong reasons.

Actually it's because I've been kinda busy with school and I usually upload art to my tumblr. To be honest, I hardly use this website anymore.


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